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WINSS to WISEdash Transition: Beginning in Fall 2013, WINSS data topics will gradually begin migrating to WISEdash, DPI's new public data analysis portal. The long-term plan is to migrate all WINSS data topics to WISEdash. After a topic is migrated, historical WINSS data downloads for early years not covered by WISEdash will be available on the WISEdash Download Files page. WINSS to WISEdash transition updates will be posted on Changes to WINSS and Data Access.

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WISEdash Quick Links: WISEdash Home Page (includes data previously found on WINSS), WISEdash Data Topic Index (includes WINSS topics), WISEdash FAQ (includes WINSS-related FAQ), WISEdash Glossary (includes WINSS terms), WISEdash Download Files (includes historical WINSS downloads), Protecting Student Privacy

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