Teacher FTE Data Excluding Non-Teaching Time

WINSS Data Analysis


In 2011-12, two changes were made to WINSS graph pages about teacher qualifications

  • Teacher FTE counts on WINSS graph pages were retroactively changed to include non-teaching time. This retroactive change was made to provide more consistent/comparable teacher counts across schools and over time. Prior to 2011-12, non-teaching time was not included in teacher FTE counts.
  • Teacher FTE counts by ESEA Qualified status were changed to include only time spent teaching ESEA core subjects. This change was made because the focus “ESEA Qualified” audits is core assignments. To implement this change, “ESEA Qualified” links were disabled for certain “Subject Taught” options. The change affects all WINSS graph pages regardless of year.


You may download all the data as they were reported prior to 2011-12 by clicking on the school year of interest below. The files below do not include non-teaching time in any FTE counts and do include non-core assignments in ESEA Qualified counts.



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