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Important: Beginning in Fall 2013, WINSS data topics will gradually begin migrating to WISEdash, DPI's new public data analysis portal. If you click on a link for a migrated data topic/question, then you will be redirected to WISEdash. WINSS to WISEdash transition updates will be posted on Changes to WINSS and Data Access.

How well are students performing academically? Examining School Performance on Statewide Tests
How did students perform on state tests at grades 3-8 and 10?
How did students perform on the Wisconsin Reading Comprehension Test? (Last administered March 2005)

Reviewing Other Student Performance Indicators
What percent of students did not advance to the next grade level?
How did students perform on college admissions and placement tests?
What are the high school completion rates?
What are students' postgraduation plans?
What programs, staff, and money are available? Reviewing School Programs and Processes
What school-supported activities are offered?
What are the district requirements for high school graduation?
What advanced courses are offered?

Examining Staffing Patterns
What staff are available in this district?
What are the qualifications of teachers?

Examining Spending Patterns
How much money is received and spent in this district?
Where can I find more detailed school finance data?
What about attendance and behavior at school? Examining Attendance Patterns
What percent of students attend school each day?
What percent of students are habitually truant?

Examining Student Involvement
Do students participate in school supported activities?
What courses are students taking?

Examining Disciplinary Patterns
What percentage of students were suspended or expelled last year?
What percentage of school days were lost due to suspension or expulsion?
What types of incidents resulted in suspensions or expulsions?
What happens after students are expelled?

Examining Dropout Rates
How many students dropped out of school last year?
What are student/school demographics? What is the enrollment by student group?
What are the primary disabilities of students in need of special education services?
What are the characteristics of limited English proficient students at this school?