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Changes to WINSS and data access

Since fall 2000, the Data Analysis section of Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) has been an important data resource used by education stakeholders to help all students meet and exceed expectations. A wide variety of data about academic performance, attendance and behavior, staff and other school resources, and student demographics has been provided through WINSS Data Analysis tools.

DPI has recently begun the process of migrating content from WINSS Data Analysis to Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard (WISEdash) and to the School District Performance Report (SDPR). In Fall 2013, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) implemented a new and updated public data analysis portal called WISEdash. At that time, WISEdash began to phase out WINSS Data Analysis (red box) with the migration of more recent years of data about selected topics from WINSS Data Analysis to WISEdash. In winter 2015, DPI began enhancing the School District Performance Report (SDPR) to include more comprehensive data and data files previously available only on WINSS. WINSS Data Analysis is expected to be replaced by WISEdash and SDPR in 2016.

Where is the WINSS red box?

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WISEdash and SDPR began to phase out the red "Data Analysis" box from WINSS in fall 2013. When you click on the WISEdash graphic (AT RIGHT), you will be able to access ALL data previously assessible via the WINSS "red box" either directly through WISEdash, through SDPR, or, for topics not yet migrated, through links to WINSS graphs.

WISEdash and SDPR include the most recent years of data about migrated topics. Comprehensive historical WINSS data about migrated topics for school years not included in WISEdash or SDPR will continue to be accessible through the WISEdash Data Files webpage. See table below for a list of migrated topics and where data for a specific school year can be found.

Migrated Topic WINSS Historical
Data Files
Earliest Year
Earliest Year
SDPR Enhancement
Academic Performance
  - WSAS 1997-98 through 2004-05 2005-06 NA
  - WRCT (Reading Test) 1993-94 through 2004-05 No data after 2004-05 NA
  - Retention 1996-07 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08*
  - ACT 1995-96 through 2006-07 2007-08 NA
  - AP Exams 1996-97 through 2005-06 2006-07 NA
  - High School Completion 1996-97 through 2011-12
Legacy Rates only
Adjusted Cohort Rates only
  - Postgraduation Plans 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
Staff, Programs, Money
  - Extra-/Co-Curricular (Offerings) 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - Community Activities (Offerings) 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - High School Graduation Requirements 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - Finance ** NA 2007-08
Attendance and Behavior
  - Attendance 1996-97 through 2004-05 2005-06 NA
  - Habitual Truancy 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - Extra-/Co-Curricular (Participation) 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - Community Activities (Participation) 1996-97 through 2006-07 NA 2007-08
  - Enrollment 1995-96 through 2004-05 2005-06 NA

* For disaggregated retention data beginning with 2007-08, see WISEdash for Districts (secure site - login required).
** Finance data for years previously included on WINSS can be found in the School Financial Services Data Warehouse.

To directly access WINSS Historical Downloads go to the WISEdash Data Files page. WINSS files for all migrated topics for any school year ####-## are contained in files named "all_topics_winss_####-##.zip". For more information about WINSS historical downloads, see About WINSS Historical Data Files.

To directly access the old WINSS data portal, go to WINSS Data Analysis. At this point in time, WINSS Data Analysis remains a key source of DPI data on retention, dropouts, discipline, coursework, graduation requirements, finance, staff, and teacher qualifications.

Where are the WINSS yellow-green-blue boxes?

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